House of Clouds: Home

Welcome to The House of Clouds!

The House of Clouds is a group of musicians that values artistic excellence, community outreach, mentorship, and education.  Our mission is to foster a passion for music and the arts, and to enrich our communities by presenting concerts that embody these values.  We believe that through music we are able to create unique communities of people, and to support communities in need.

Special thanks to those who helped us with or attended Of Hope and Harmony: Benefit Concert for panCAN.

We raised $3,000 for an incredibly important cause!

What do we do?

We create and we perform!  Every year The House of Clouds presents a series of benefit concerts across North America.  Each year we choose new causes and all the proceeds from our concerts are donated accordingly.  On top of our concert series, we also commission new works by living composers to be performed on our series.

Please visit our UPCOMING EVENTS page to learn more about this seasons concerts and commissions.

Please visit OUR PROJECTS to learn about our past concerts and commissions.

Who are we?

The House of Clouds was founded by Arianne Abela, Colin Britt, and Debi Wong while they were students at the Yale School of Music.  The group is named after our first commission written by Colin.  The piece, “House of Clouds”, was premiered in 2010 in San Francisco at our first benefit concert.

To learn more about us, please visit our WHO ARE WE page.

To listen to “The House of Clouds”, please visit OUR PROJECTS page.

Thank you for your visit and for your support,

Debi, Colin, Arianne

2 Responses to “House of Clouds: Home”

  1. This all looks wonderful Debi, Arianne and Colin.
    Very good luck to you all and keep us informed. We will be happy to lend a little support to your next project.
    What lovely photos too!
    Our love to you all
    Simon & Hilary

    I WOULD LIKE TO ASK FOR SOME PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS in order to bring you to GREECE. WHAT would you say to that?

    I have worked as a co-presenter and soloist with the YALE SCHOLA CANTORUM during my tenure at YALE/ISM and am the DIRECTOR OF the SCHOLA CANTORUM which I founded in 2000 in BOSTON, now in residence in GREECE.


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